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  JBz American Limousines

8 Passenger "Black Millennium" limousine

Our "Millennium" style limousines seat up to 8 passengers in the rear compartment and are available in either black or white. Features include dual air conditioning, TV, video, CD multi-change sound system, mood lighting and bar facilities with crystal decanters, glasses and champagne flutes.


8 Passenger "White Millennium" limousine

Our white "Millennium" limousines are a preferred choice for wedding hire however, a number of clients now choose our black "Millennium" limousines with contrasting white ribbons for their bridal car. Whatever the choice, the style and comfort is guaranteed.


"Millennium" Tri Seat style interior

"Tri" seat interior in one of our "Millennium" style limousines. This type of seating provides additional leg room compared to the standard "J" seating. Mirrored ceilings and fibre optic lighting make the interior of these limousines an impressive sight, especially at night. Just sit back and relax.


"Millennium" J Seat style interior

Conventional "J" seat interior in one of our "Millennium" style limousines. Again fitted with mirrored ceilings and colour changing fibre optic lighting and is one of a number of variations of interior designs on our fleet. All limousines are complete with fully air conditioned rear passenger compartments for your comfort.